Moving Up to the ladder of Greatness

Welcome to our Primary

Willow Academy Primary is a family orientated school which educates learners between Grade 1 and Grade 7.  At Willow Academy Primary we encourage learners to apply themselves with confidence and to explore a range of sporting and cultural activities. We urge students to complete each task to the best of their ability, as they are stretched, challenged and nurtured academically. Learners are encouraged to follow Christ and to make Christian-based decisions on a daily basis. As they are taught from the Bible, our learners view the world from a biblical perspective.

Our vision is to equip learners to develop their individual potential and to enable them to further God’s Kingdom in their local communities and in society at large. This incorporates the development of their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical potential.

Willow Academy provides its learners with a variety of activities which contribute toward their spiritual formation. Our teachers strive to present biblically integrated lessons with Religious Education (Studying God’s Word) being compulsory for all learners. We have a weekly assembly which incorporates a time of praise and worship, corporate prayer and a Bible-based talk or sermon. In addition, each school day begins with a ten-minute devotional period which includes a Bible reading and prayer.

Willow Academy is an independent Christian school that offers the National Curriculum Statement and which has integrated strong biblical principles and values in its curriculum. We make use of a variety of benchmarking tests to ensure that the quality and the pace of our learning is maintained and constantly improved. These tests ensure that we offer your child the very best education. We consider the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes an important part of the education process. These tests include the IEB Core Skills Test, the Annual National Assessments (ANA), and various Mathematics diagnostic tests.

As part of our Primary School curriculum, we have a number of outings, camps, and tours. We believe that children learn best when they are in a relaxed atmosphere. At the beginning of each year our pupils go on a camp, and during the year they go on outings. During camps and outings, learners are taught survival skills, teamwork, social skills, self-sufficiency and social responsibility.

Our Grade 7s go on a tour and have two one night camps. One in the beginning of the year, where they are encouraged to build solid relationships, and another at the end of the year, to prepare them for their High School journey.