Willow Academy

2022 Applications Open

Willow Academy is a Christian school catering for students from Grade 00 to Grade 12.  Our curriculum is approved by the Independent Examinations Board and is enhanced by high quality text books, material and teaching aids from A BEKA.



Our Environment

Learning  at Willow Academy is lively, interesting and memorable.
At Willow Academy we have small classes and have found that this improves the holistic development of each of our learners. With the assistance of A BEKA BOOK and the support of the IEB, education at Willow Academy provides both academic excellence and strong Christian character training.

Location: Cedar Road, Fairview, Port Elizabeth

Telephone: 041 008 5007

Email: info@willowacademy.co.za

School Hours: M-F: 8am – 2pm

Our Core Values


At Willow Academy, you will find a culture of diligence, excellence, and integrity, grounded on respect, love, faith, and unity. Our staff and learners work in an environment with strong values and a commitment to growth as we endeavor to educate each child in body, mind, and spirit. Academics, sport, cultural activities, leadership, outdoor programmes and a daily time of devotion, helps learners explore and develop their unique abilities and strengths.


Willow Academy’s Mission & Vision

As a Christian School, our aim is to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where learners are equipped to develop their individual potential and to further God’s Kingdom.

We endeavor to provide each child with the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills which will develop them holistically – in body, mind and spirit.

Our mission is to help learners fulfill their potential by creating a God-honouring environment where they are equipped with an excellent, biblically integrated education and spiritual formation.

A Word

From Our Principal

Welcome the Willow Family.  Willow Academy has been around since 1988. The heart of our school is to educate learners but also to equipe them with values and skills to change their communities. We are a school that believes that Jesus is at the centre of everything we do. We encourage our learners to follow the scripture Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as you love yourselves. As this is the commandement Jesus gave. Then we also believe that there is nothing we cant do, we use the scripture I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

As a school we do comply with CAPS but we change the content from a humanistic worldview to a Biblical Worlview. This means we ask the question, What does Jesus have to say about this? So when deciding on a school it is important that you pray about it as we know that we will see your child more that you and what we impart in their lives should be inline with your worldview.  

– Charlene Rademeyer


Our Upcoming Curricular Events & Activities




Grades 10-12

Event Info

The exam timetable was distributed on the 5th of May. 

We wish all of our learners the best with their exams! 

For more information contact the school on 041 008 5007




Grade 4-9

Event Info

The timetable will be issued by Friday, 14 May. 

We wish all of our learners the best with their exams! 

For more information contact the school on 041 008 5007



Foundation Phase (Grade 1-3) Inter-House Derby

House Victory vs House Jubilee

Event Info

Please dress your child in their house shirt and pack an extra bottle of water and snacks. 

Please call the school on 041 008 5007 for further information.

Our School

Governance & Leadership

Willow Academy is governed, first and foremost, by our Heavenly Father. The school operates as a Department of Word of Faith Christian Centre, and this church acts as our spiritual covering. Word of Faith Christian Centre is represented at our School Board meetings, with Pastor Mariana Crompton, being the chairperson.

Board Members

Chairlady – Pastor Mariana Crompton

Advocate – Adv Richard Crompton

Principal – Mrs Charlene Rademeyer

Financials – Mrs Amanda Styles

Secretary – Mr Robert Brown

School Management Team

Chairperson | Mrs Charlene Rademeyer

Phase Head Representatives

Mrs Lynette Hoch | Pre-Prirmary

Mrs Vanessa Janse Van Rensburg | Foundation Phase

Mr Robert Brown | Senior Phase (Gr 4-7) / Secretary

Mrs Maryna | Walker High School

Department Heads

Mr  Mark Storer | Academic Head

Mrs Maryna Gie  | Sports Head/ School Events

Mrs Bern Ayerst  |  Culture Head

Mrs Amanda Styles  |  Financial Administrator


Committee Coordinator  – Mrs Charlene Rademeyer

Chair Person  – Caitlyn


In addition to being governed by our Heavely Father and operating as a Department of Word of Faith Christian Centre, we are registered with the Department of Education, and partner with various other stakeholders such as Umalusi, the Independent Examination Board(IEB) and the Association of Christian Schools International(ACSI).

Willow Academy is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation and is fully compliant with the Non-Profit Organisations’ Act. We believe we need to honour and submit to these organisations, as they protect us, and assist us in promoting good governance.

Our Chairlady

Willow Academy is ever growing, ever expanding, ever seeking to do things with greater excellence rooted and grounded in the principles of God’s Word.

We are proud to see the fruit produced in our children’s lives but also of the amazing fruit being produced in the lives of those who have gone through the school.

Their achievements in life are phenomenal but they are also people of character who have “banked God’s promises in the vault of their heart and therefore have not sinned themselves bankrupt.”

I am proud of Willow Academy for the high standard of learning and academics maintained at the school with the ability to always remember that we live in a constantly changing world with different challenges facing each generation.

The loving but unwavering discipline maintained by teachers who do not see this as just a job but truly as a calling, men and women who are willing to go more than just the extra mile –  no sacrifice too big, to make learning a holistic, enjoyable experience. 

-Mariana Crompton



Our News & Announcements


2021 Newsletter 1.3

2021 Newsletter 1.3

Click here to read our latest newsletter. In this letter we update our parents on staff, weddings, our new High School Phase Head, WhatsApp rules and early arrivals.  

Class Attendance Update

Class Attendance Update

Last year we decided we would like all our learners to return to school on a more regular basis. The stability of regular class attendance helps learners successfully complete their school year. We have installed screens in our Grade 1, 2 & 3 classes to ensure...

Learn to Swim kicks off

Learn to Swim kicks off

All Grade 1, 7, 8 & 9 learners will, during term 1, 2 & 3 receive professional swimming lessons from our parter, Debbie Lockett and her team at Bay Eagle Swim School (BEST) situated at Aquabear Swimming Academy in Frank Landman Street. The lessons come at no...


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Get In Touch

Location: Cedar Road, Fairview, Port Elizabeth

Telephone: 041  008 5007

Email: info@willowacademy.co.za

School Hours: M-F: 8am – 2pm