• 24 January 2020 –

Every year we celebrate Founder’s Day with an assembly. This year the team at Willow Academy pulled out all the stops to make sure we would remember why we are at Willow Academy and why we are a Willovian.

On Friday morning we transported all our learners between Grade 1 and Grade 12 to Word of Faith Christian Centre. Our ceremony started at 10h30am sharp with a flag ceremony led by our head prefect and JCC madam speaker, Phila. The flags were made up of our  South African Flag, School Flag and our House Flags (House Victory and House Jubilee) 

We walked into the auditorium on a worship song from Hillsong called “See the light” as we strongly feel that this is all for His glory. The welcoming, scripture and prayer were led by Elethu April and Khazimla Gxotani in Grade 4. This was followed by praise and worship led by Mr Sean African and Mrs Bern Ayrest. Two band members from Westway Bethel played the drums and base. Two of our learners, Gabula and Sine, were on the the mics.  Then Lulu was asked to come to the stage to show us some moves with one of the  praise songs – he really has some smart moves. 

This was followed by a Grade 2 learner who presented a lovely scripture and Makenzie Gie in Grade 4  who read a poem written by Mrs Marlene van Aardt. Mr Sean Africa made a lovely presentation of all the memories of Willow Academy through the years. Our main speaker was Cleo Flear, who was our head girl of 2013. Her story inspired young and old to get back to the basics – back to the Word of God. To end off the ceremony our Junior and High School prefects, as well as our house captains led our entire school in a new war cry that was written for House Victory, but now belongs to Willow Academy. All of the children received a lovely cupcake and took photos of this wonderful celebration.

Mrs Rademeyer proceeded to extend this celebration to The Willow Ark  – Grade 00-R. They prayed and sang happy birthday to Willow Academy. Aunty Lynette had to blow out the candles and she had all the children laughing when she pretended that she could not get them blown out. Each child received a cupcake.

So to Willow Academy, happy 32 years, may God bless you even more. Willow Academy is blessed and highly favoured.