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Account Information

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As the parent / guardian of the applicant I undertake on behalf of myself, my executors, my spouse and my son/daughter/ward aforesaid to:

1. Hold myself responsible for the payment of the full amount of fees as determined by the Governing Body of Willow Academy and disbursements to be charged by Willow Academy in respect of the whole period during which my son/daughter/ward is registered as a pupil at Willow Academy or have his/her enrolment at Willow Academy terminated;

2. Pay all fees charged by Willow Academy in advance by debit order;

3. Accept liability for all penalty fees, collection commission and tracing charges should fees and/disbursements become overdue;

4. Give at least three full months' notice in writing to the Principal or to pay three full months' fees in lieu of notice upon terminating enrolment of my son/daughter/ward from Willow Academy;

5. Accept any jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and/or Magistrates Court of South Africa;

6. Accept liability for all attorney and client charges, collection commission and tracing charges, should legal action be instituted against me.

IMPORTANT: Non-payment of fees for three months will result in automatic termination of enrolment at Willow Academy.


Contract Conditions

As the parent / guardian of the applicant I certify that the above information is correct and request that my son/daughter/ward be admitted as a pupil to Willow Academy and I undertake to:

1. Permit my son/daughter/ward to participate in the educational programme

2. Seek alternative schooling should my son/daughter/ward not manage academically and/or if the age of my son/daughter/ward should fall out of the normal range for a particular grade.

3. Support the policy that pupils are expected to participate in sport and/or cultural activities unless the Principal grants permission to the contrary and I give consent for my son/daughter/ward to take part in any extra-mural activities of Willow Academy

4. Conform to the rules and regulations laid down by the Willow Academy Governing Body and/or Principal from time to time and ensure that my son/daughter/ward does the same, failing which , I understand that the Governing Body may expel my son/daughter/ward from Willow Academy following a disciplinary hearing;

5. Indemnify, hold harmless and absolve Willow Academy and its staff or their authorised legal agents against any claims that may arise from any injury, death, loss, damage, costs or expense, including legal costs, suffered by me or my son/daughter/ward at any time whilst enrolled as a learner at Willow Academy

6. Give permission for my son/daughter/ward to participate in Christian instruction and prayers