High School Life

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Even though we are a reasonably small high school we have incorporated different societies and committees as part of our aim to develop leadership at Willow Academy.


These are as follows:


SRC( Student Represented Council)

Christian Society

Event and Outreach Society

Sports Committee

Social Committee


Every year two learners are appointed to represent our school on the Junior City Council.  Learners apply for the position and  must have shown leadership potential at Willow Academy.



We encourage our learners to participate in leadership activities at Willow Academy and have a programme which recognises and encourages leadership in our school and the community.


Class Monitors

Every term a class monitor is selected and given certain duties in the class.  This provides learners with an opportunity to be involved in the weekly prefect meeting. Monitors are acknowledged if they have proven themselves as leaders.


Grade 11 Leadership

In their grade 11 year, our pupils go on a leadership camp where we train them in the different leadership ideals. Activities include a personality profile, team building, biblical leadership, preparation for the role of a prefect and other aspects of leadership.


Head Prefects and Prefect Body

At the end of each year we select a new prefect board that will represent the teachers and implement the Discipline Policy at Willow Academy.


Prefects are selected according to the following:

  • Their involvement in the school
  • Academics
  • Leadership in societies and committees
  • Performance as a class monitor
  • Manifestos – a presentation and motivation presented to the school and teachers
  • Sport and Cultural involvement
  • Representation of the school


Merit System

We believe in discipline, and in rewarding our pupils. Our merits are designed to acknowledge the individual pupil for the effort they make to be involved in the school and for their character. This is laid out in our Merit Policy.


Merit Policy available on request.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]