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We endeavour to bring heaven into our inside and outside programmes where children learn to appropriate the wisdom of Jesus into their fun activities.

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About Us

Our teachers are loving, caring and passionate about teaching from a Biblical worldview, making Jesus the centre of everything we do and incorporating Him in all our activities.

We place a high emphasis on building Godly character in our learners. Compassion, selflessness, humility and integrity are fostered in our learners as well as the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

We strive for academic excellence and believe in stretching our learners to go beyond the minimum to reach their full potential.

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Due to Covid regulations we are not able to schedule tours. However, parents can send us their questions and we wil do our best to answer.

Willow Academy Pre- Primary is nestled in the heart of a beautiful developing area in Port Elizabeth, called Fairview. Our three Pre-Primary classes cater for children aged 3 to 6 years old who are in Grade 00 to Grade R.

Our Pre-School. Our Family. Our Community

Our children are taught in a fun, friendly and Christian environment. We place a high emphasis on academics and preparation for school. Parents can feel secure – our teachers care for our little ones like they would their own. Our aim is to connect school with home and to partner in the holistic development of our little ones. 


The Willow Ark follows the CAPS curriculum supported by A Beka Christian curiculum. We carefully selected this curriculum for its high standard of education, its colourful and bright workbooks, the excellent results that children show and the happy and enjoyable experience it provides. Play. We fully understand that children learn through play at this stage and encourage indoor and outdoor play for an extended period each day.  


Biblical Worldview

Our aim is to make Jesus the centre of everything we do and to incorporate Him in all our activities, which includes our Life Skills programmes. 


Our aim is for our children to be able to read and write basic sentences upon completing Grade R.  We visit our own library once a week to foster a love of reading.


Our emphasis is on laying a strong foundation for our future mathematicians and scientists. 


Creative Arts

Our teachers are focused on visual arts and draw inspiration from internationally acclaimed artists. We also value the performing arts, so that children can express themselves confidently in music, acting and dance.



Enrollments for 2022 are open. Email for more information.



 Our curriculum is taught from a Christian perspective and Jesus is at the centre of everything we do. Building Godly character is our goal.


We have a well rounded daily programme,, as well as diverse extra-curricular activities.  

What time does school start and what time does it finish?

School starts at  8:30  and finishes at 12:30. Our gates open at 6:45am 

Do you have aftercare?

Yes, aftercare is until 14:30 without a meal and 17:15 with a meal.

Do you provide meals?

Yes, this is included in the cost.  A daily rate is available too. 


What Our Families are Saying

My child is loved. That sets a good foundation for education, extra murals and all round school life. Putting God first is the only way to go through life. Well done Willow Academy!

Cindy von Wielligh

  Willow academy is the best, friendly staff, they see to the needs of the kids. Most of all they put God 1st, before school classes starts they give bible studies. My child love being there.

Natasha Fillis

Willow Academy is the best, I don’t regret my son being in that school!

Nozuko Ntoto